Services Gateway


As the most comprehensive App-Services integration solution on the market, Viafo’s Services Gateway boosts the engagement and usage of your Apps while simultaneously reducing the cost of developing and maintaining App-Services integration.

By adding just a few lines of code, your existing Apps will be deeply integrated with all the major services—Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Ren-Ren, Tumblr and more—and you can add and manage services from the cloud without ever having to update your apps.


Not another SDK, just an API...

The big difference between Viafo's Gateway and other services is we understand that the world is more complicated than the iPhone.  Rather than providing an SDK, we have an API designed for you to integrate directly into your applications.  This way, the next time a new service gets added, or a feature changes, you don't have to re-release your code, or go through another annoying test cycle.

Cloud Hosted

Managing your apps has never been simpler.  With our cloud based technology, you don't have to worry about your application, just add and remove features as necessary and track use, stats and analytics through our online control panels.

Social Networks


Viafo's simplified APIs make it easy to integrate to a wide variety of social networking and other features through a standardized set of commands.  

Analytics and Web Controls

Statistics and analytics are a key part of the Viafo Gateway, providing you with details of app useage, locations, platforms and the type and nature of social interaction being driven through the gateway.  A simple web interface gives users complete control over all the aspects of your application, it's uses and the services included in the application.

Advanced Features

Beyond just managing Social Networks, we know you want to be able to do more with the Social Networks and engage better with your users.  That's why we have the following premium features for Enterprise Users:

Social CRM - see social traffic in real time and interact directly with your apps users

Social Gaming - add gaming to your apps, by setting scores for different social interactions and managing badges

Single User Sign In - have users sign in and create accounts for your services using their favorite social network or social networks

Polling - advanced gaming and polling with leaderboards and an interactive API for gaining direct user insight


Supported Platforms: iPhone, Android, HTML5 (Sencha and jQuery Mobile libraries provided), Samsung Bada, Nokia QT for S60

Authentication Support: oAuth 1.0 & 2.0 support through the Viafo Service Discovery API

Supported Interactions: Update Status, Reply, Comment, Message, Like/Follow, Get Friends, Check-In

Supported Social Networks (Q3 2012): Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Foursquare

Supported Carrier APIs: AT&T mHealth, SMS, Location and Payment

Reporting: App use stats, regional use, social networking use & sharing by app, region and network, social networking use. Export to CSV & .XLS

Moderation: Content management and blocking - moderation holds for Social Networking Posts

Control: Web Control Panel for all apps