Viral App Manager

Viral Mobile Applications

Keeping up with demands for mobile and connected applications for every single potential use can be a huge drain on resources.  Viafo provides a simple, fast and easy to manage way to create mobile applications based on cross-platform HTML5 technology which can be deployed through existing social media services, QR codes or similar.


  • Cross platform HTML5 for any mobile device or tablet
  • Easy to use web creation tool
  • Integration to existing feeds for images, videos and other text content
  • Fully functional social media integration
  • Integrated app and social networking management with built in Social CRM


News and Media

  • Have applications created and deployed in seconds for breaking stories and information.
  • Have an app for every show, or feature within a show.
  • Fully integrated sharing and social networking functionality worldwide


Instant applications for every product in your portfolio with integration to your existing social media services and product databases.