New Website on the way

We've been working with a designer for a few weeks now to get a more professional look and feel to the web-site and things are coming together.  I'm really excited by the mock ups we've seen so far and I'm looking forward to integrating the "look and feel" elements into the Public Client.

With that, and a swathe of new features we integrated back into the main tree this week we're looking good for a public launch in a few weeks.  At least for Windows Mobile, we're behind where we'd like to be on other platforms but catching up.

We've also dramatically improved the way that we create and manage enterprise customer demos - so shortly we'll have a suite of examples for potential customers and also showing in screen shot form on the website.

So.  I'm cutting for the day to the Seattle Beerfest, and I've given the dev team - such as they are - the day off too.

Have a good holiday.  See you Monday!