Moving onwards and upwards...

So, after a fairly significant pause, we've started showing more details about what it is we're actually doing.  In addition to the consumer news reader app, we've been busy through the summer building a number of working demos of the technology in a variety of spaces.  These have been driven partly by customer demands and also by topics that are of interest to us. 

An example of the later is the Event/Convention Management demo we now have.  I go to a fair number of events and I'll be honest, configuring the information that I want to have with me at the event is an absolute pig.  I want to know what items I'm going to, what the program actually is, what is going on in terms of press released and news feeds, where I should eat and a dozen other items.

That's where ViaFo comes in.  Using our off-the-shelf components we can rapidly build a convention access system that interacts with the event CMS and gives the event managers opportunities for advertising and other revenue generation.  We can pre-integrate a Twitter and News service client that will event allow for Tweeting with pre-embedded #tags and other similar services.  All of this with a simple web interface to drive the mobile client.

Additionally we've built demos for the healthcare industry, travel, logistics and CRM fields.

There will be a more professional look and feel for the website coming in the next couple of weeks and we're getting ready for the formal launch of the News Reader App.

Contact me if you want Beta access, we're still testing.