Meet Viafo - New Year, New Look

As some of the more observant of the few readers we have will have noticed, we've got a new look.  It comes with our new focus for us around the Viafo Services Gateway.  Over the last year we've been out listening to developers and customers about their real needs and challenges, and looking at the technology that they need to help them with their work.

Key to the Services Gateway is the ability for application and solution developers to make it easy to add all the web services that you need to make your apps relevent and useful to your customers, without having to learn, manage or maintain all the different APIs.

We're currently working with a small number of lead partners in a private Beta and taking on new partners as we can.  Our goal is to open this up to general developers in the very near future.

It's been an exciting year, and we're looking forward to our second year by providing our gateway services to a wide range of developers, solution providers, platforms and brands.