Don't give up control - Native Integration Woes

One of the regular questions we are asked is: don't we get similar integration thought the platform?  If so, why should we use you?

It's a good question.  But it's missing one of the fundamental issues.  Are the users of your apps your customers or Apple or Google customers?  If the answer is that they're yours, and that you need to know what they're doing and with which social networks and where then you need to be more careful with how you interact with them.  Viafo's gateway gives you several advantages over the native SDK integration.

  1. No more SDKs - using our approach allows code re-use across different platforms, 
  2. Manage social networks remotely - through our Service Discovery API you don't have to worry about a change to a social network, or a regional variation every meaning you have to re-write your main application again
  3. Full Analytics - detailed use stats for everything social inside your app, giving you breakdowns by platform, geography, social network and more
  4. Branded Sharing - using the gateway means that you can trace back shares to your company or app - rather than to a phone OS

Remember that social networking between your customers using your apps is one of th most important things you can have.