Mix10 Appz: Day 2

Quick update on the Mix10 App we're building.  We've got the features agreed and we've pretty much sourced all the content to add.  The goal of our solution is to make building mobile applications like this, especially those for events, really easy.

The tricky part, at least for us, is all on the back end of the app.  So we've been locked down over the course of the day working out how we can extract the schedule and attendee data from the online side of things.  We've got that sorted today, so we should have the application built for tomorrow... and, I'll be honest, if we can show 48 hours from thinking about the mobile app, to the app being ready for download, complete with the web interface built... well... then I'll be a happy CEO.

I'll check in tomorrow to see if we've got everything done and a link to the app...  Shame we're not even going - but we have to pick our events carefully at the moment and we're already off to Vegas later in the month.

Maybe next year... especially if somebody at Microsoft pays.