Mix10 Appz: Day 3

Scene: INT - Seattle Coffee Shop - Day

CEO and CTO of exciting startup are sitting having a progress review over a pair of coffees.  The coffee shop is full of people in fleeces and outdoor wear and working on laptops.

CTO:  ... and you OFFERED X?

CEO: Yes, the code's written it's just cut and paste isn't it?

CTO Er... well... er... yes, sort of but not quite... I mean it will be but I needed to get X,Y,Z done first and rolled up into the main...

CEO's eyes are glazing over at this stage.

CEO: Ok, ok, just get through it quickly and then you can get onto the next client, which I know you want to.  

CTO: Except you just got that new project in and...

CEO waves hands...

CEO: Ok, ok...  fine, anyway I've a couple of busy weeks ahead and we need the demos, and then I'm off to CTIA for a week.

CTO: Great... with any luck you can stop adding new requirements....


Well, it wasn't quite that bad.  But apparently we're getting close :)