Mix10 Appz: Day 4 - Beta/Alpha Delivery

I'll be the first to admit that this isn't 100% perfect.  Give us a break, we have only had a few days.  But here's the Mix10 app for Windows Mobile built on Viafo's technology after we decided to do this on Tuesday.

Key features and stuff we did get done:


  • Windows Mobile 5.x, 6.x Touch and Non-Touch Support
  • Integrated with the speaker profiles and schedule
  • Maps coming over the weekend
  • Integrates to your Twitter Account and provides a #mix10 Twitter feed
  • Integrated Mix10 RSS feeds plus slots for 5 of your own relevant RSS feeds
  • Follow Users for the Twitter #mix10 feed feature and Follow Speakers - where they've registered a twitter handle
  • We might add local search for Las Vegas too... but that's the point at which the CTO starts kicking me...


There are a couple of things we've spotted which are Windows Mobile related.  If the device is low on system memory we've seen the initial, "large" sync failing - there's not a lot we can do about WinMo memory management but if you do get a "ViaStkz failed error" then try a reboot to clear the memory out and retry.  And whinge at somebody from WinMo when you see them at Mix ;)

Feedback will be useful, but remember this was a Quick and Dirty attempt to build a working and useful app from a set of backend data sources in a couple of days.  I hope you enjoy it!