Watch this Space: #ctia

As I've mentioned I'm off to CTIA tomorrow morning at a suitably unpleasant hour.  Also, for my standards, my schedule is relatively light, which means that I have some space left for meetings in the mornings and early(ish) afternoon - if anybody wants to meet.

We hope to make some great announcements next week but it's still 50/50 at the moment.  We hope to be able to discuss an exciting new customer AND new platform deal, and also to formally launch our News and Search appz in public beta.  

However, we're still working on the last minute bits of the code before we go live.  Fingers crossed though!

CTIA will, however, mark the end of the Q1 silly season, which means we might be able to settle down and focus on some other aspects of the business as we enter Q2.  Again, that will mean a slew of new announcements as we head into June.