News! Or Should I Say NEWZ!

Well, in addition to landing an exciting new customer - I can't say who yet but it's a big one.  We're ready to go public on the Newz Reader and the Local Search App.  Both will be available for Windows Mobile 5.x/6.x and soon other platforms.

For now this is a free Beta so you can download and use the interface.  There's some features coming, including OPML import.  But you can use the interface to manage RSS feeds, Podcasts and Twitter with direct interaction between the web interface and the client.

We're also launching our Search app - a simple to use local search app.  Simply set your favorite searches up on the web and everytime you sync the client you are given the 4 or 8 closest hits to your location.

We're working on the iPhone, Android and Widget releases right now.



Please give 'em a whirl.