New Look, New Quarter...

As you may have noticed we've given the website a facelift.  The goal is to provide a better and clearer view of what it is we do here at Viafo, and also showcase some of the great customer solutions we've enabled over the summer months.

It's been an exciting summer for us, with a lot of new features and technology being put in place and we've a lot planned for the next 3 months too!  There's also a lot of movement in the social and API space and we're planning to be here to help you keep ahead of that curve.

The main things to watch out for in the coming month is yet another change to the Twitter API and what we're calling the Tokenpocalypse from Facebook.  Naturally, if you're already working with Viafo, these are not going to affect your apps.  The worst thing that will happen is your users may have to sign into their social networks.  If you're not, then this is likely to require a rewrite of your apps on all platforms!  Another good reason to shift to Viafo we think!

In other news, this quarter we'll be launching the following services:

  • International Social Networks including regional management
  • Social CRM v1
  • Basic Social Scoring - score and track your users based on what they do and share
  • Polls
  • New Carriers

It's a big quarter we have coming up and we hope you'll be coming along for the ride.