Managing Alerts - do you know where things fail?

Following on from the piece in CITEWorld calling for a Chief API Officer, we had another great example of why people need services like the Viafo Gateway.  Our gateway picked up a dramatic change in API use from one of our client's applications and alerted us.  We were able to contact the client and inform them that their daily sign in activities that we are brokering using our Single Sign In service, had gone from over 500 a day, down to 4....  Given their average activity this seemed unlikely to us and we alerted their team.

It turned out that another service they used had failed and was blocking customers from completing the sign in process and they hadn't been alerted.

This follows on from a security change made by Facebook earlier in April which had also blocked their application and required them to make changes.  Without our service alerting them to significant changes in use patterns, it could have been days or weeks before they found out that there was a problem.

This is core to our value proposition for our customers.  Not only are we saving time and money with integration to common web services, but we're an essential piece of your monitoring solution.