The Chief API Officer

Time for the Chief API Officer

There is an excellent piece in CITEWorld concerning the growing need for a Chief API Officer within any organization working in mobile.  Yes, the article mentions Viafo and our solution, but there's a serious point in there about the need to manage your APIs.

A mobile, TV, in-car or application for any other screen needs integration to 3rd party services in order to maximize the value of the application and drive 'stickiness'.  Without that, you've essentially got a webpage circa 2003.

But managing your APIs isn't always as straight forward as it sounds, especially if you have to deal with secure 3rd party identification services.  Obviously, with our ability to set geographical policies for API yes, generically handle oAuth across multiple services and provide integrated and detailed analytics on in-app API use, we see Viafo as the best solution.  But whatever and whoever you use, it's essential.